Saturday, February 27, 2010

Insert breathless endorsement of D.C.'s Smash! Records here

Coming soon to this blog will be my breathless endorsement of D.C.'s Smash! Records. Just got back from my very first trip (first look at their collection was at D.C.'s recent record fair.)

More great vinyl than I knew what to do with. Here's what I picked up.

The Beatles -- Revolver
The Doors -- Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman
Bob Dylan -- Planet Waves
Jefferson Airplane -- Surrealistic Pillow
Moby Grape -- Self-titled
Rolling Stones -- Exile on Main St.
Talking Heads -- More Songs About Buildings and Food

And those are the ones I just couldn't pass up. If I were a rich man, easily could've dropped $200+ today.

Anyway, longer post to come. But if you're in the area, head to Smash! RIGHT. NOW.

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