Monday, May 17, 2010

Diggin' now... Thee Oh Sees

There's been more new music than I've known what to do with these days, and I say that as I share in the collective disappointment with that new (last?) LCD Soundsystem record, despite Pitchfork giving it an outrageous 9.2 rating. Frankly, since it's potentially (probably) the last LCD Soundsystem record, the fact that it didn't get a 10 from even Pitchfork, which has had a years-long love affair with every damn release with that name on it, should tell you something.

But, for me: You had to go and try really hard while seeing just how far this derivative (nice way of phrasing it) style could take you, didn't you, James Murphy? Why couldn't we just continue being North American Scum and keep having some tongue-in-cheek, self-aware fun? It's not terrible, but rather like the last movie of a trilogy or something that just falls flat compared to the rest of the series.

That aside, I wanted to point out this new record from Thee Oh Sees, 'Warm Slime.' I don't have a video to embed, but go to Stereogum here and check out 'Castiatic Tackle.' The whole album doesn't fit the following description as well as this song does, but it's what I'd imagine the 13th Floor Elevators would sound like if they were kept in a time capsule to continue recording music and advance for the past few decades. That's just my first reaction.

Anyway, I'm way behind on this band, but I'm checking out their 'Help' release next, and we'll see from there. But from this release, if you're into that quicker-paced, hard-ish psych sound with some garage-y, yet melodic, undertones along with it (how's THAT for a description?), this might be a band for you for check out.

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