Sunday, April 25, 2010

Record Store Day, Wu-Massacre and vinyl in a quote

I try not share any (or at least not too much) boring, mundane stuff on here. I try to avoid the whole "I'm eating a sandwich" stereotype of blogger-types since Twitter came around -- and because I generally despise such things myself ( 'I feel your pain.' ). But I had to share this short conversation between Emma (my girlfriend) and I post-Record Store Day morning.

I had just spent way too much money, and I was talking about how I needed to take a break -- at least a few weeks -- from buying any records. I had been buying quite a bit lately, as this blog will attest to, not to mention the amount I spent last Saturday.

Me: "Yeah, I just can't really afford to spend much more money on this for a while. Plus I'm kind of cheap when it comes to spending that much at one time."
Emma: "That makes sense, you've been spending a lot on records lately."
Me: "Right. Well, I mean, I'm going to stop after I pick up this album I already had ordered from Melody [another shop in D.C.]"
Emma: "What is it?"
Me: "That new Wu-Tang album, on vinyl."

Emma: "Well, yeah. You gotta get that one."

I appreciate the sentiment. And the album Wu-Massacre is pretty damn good too.

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