Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UPDATED 4/20: Record Store Day and the Flaming Lips Dark Side of the Moon clear vinyl mystery

Just a really quick update here: We now have confirmed reports of 'seafoam green vinyl' stickers coming with both clear and green vinyl. We also have 'clear vinyl' stickers coming with clear vinyl. Do we know if there were any that came with a 'clear vinyl' sticker, but seafoam green vinyl?

I still haven't seen any official reports or numbers on what exactly happened here, but given this sticker information, it certainly seems like this was, at some level, a mistake. Otherwise, if this was done on purpose, it seems at least the stickers would correspond to the vinyl inside. Think of it this way, I would assume since there are no 'clear vinyl' sticker albums that came with seafoam green vinyl (at least that I'm aware of) perhaps the mistake is simply on the issue of putting the proper sticker on the proper album, and the colors were done on purpose?

I'll put it out here again: Anyone have any good information? It sure would be nice - perhaps Record Store Day organizers or Warner Bros. - could lend some clarity to what's going on here.

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