Thursday, April 29, 2010

Diggin' now... Theophilus London

Latest new music I've been listing to a lot lately is right here: Theophilus London. Above is "A Stranger's Heart" off his new 'I Want You' mixtape. Listen to the rest via YouTube here.

I don't know much else about London. He's got a blog here. And he has a Twitter account here. He's also got another mixtape called 'This Charming Mixtape,' and it is, indeed, charming in its own way. He's got a new style, incorporating a lot of different sounds and styles into him music -- I'm sure part of that is the sample-heavy, repurposed beats nature of mixtapes. Still, two mixtapes in, I'm diggin' the soul, R&B, hip hop sounds. An example of the weird cross-genre working? He covers Marvin Gaye and samples Vampire Weekend. Yeah. Check it out.

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