Sunday, April 18, 2010

UPDATE: Record Store Day - Flaming Lips Dark Side of the Moon CLEAR VINYL - New info?

UPDATED 1:15 p.m.: Matt, in the comments, points out he also got a clear vinyl in the US, but his had a sticker saying "custom clear vinyl." Upon further review, so did mine. I haven't seen any "seafoam green" stickers, although Matt says he has. It could be that "custom clear" could apply to the clear AND green vinyl, since they're both transparent. But it certainly seems that, with these stickers, either that's the case or the seafoam/clear distinction was on purpose for one reason or another.

Via a comment on the Flaming Lips' own blog, someone claimed to have ALSO gotten a clear copy of this Flaming Lips Record Store Day Dark Side of the Moon release. As did someone commenting on my original post. So, we know there are at least a handful out there, but I'd imagine there are more.

Here's a thread at the Flaming Lips site: There are a couple more who say they have clear copies. One person is pissed, although I'm not sure why. Another speculated maybe the "dye ran out." I don't think that's it. Finally, another quotes from a Facebook posting of an Ann Arbor, Mich. store: "Underground Sounds - Ann Arbor, Michigan I was told by Warner 10,000; 4,500 clear, 5,500 seafoam and that it sold so fast it will be a regular release in June."

Which brings me to the purpose of this post: Has anyone seen any totals or good, solid information on this? Some people already selling their copies on eBay claim that there are only 500 copies of the clear version in the world, but that doesn't fit for two reasons: One, some postings like this one claim the album has never been opened. Now, maybe this person has some kind of home Xray machine, but I doubt it. How would you know it's clear? That makes me doubt everything the person wrote. Two, at least according to the guy at Crooked Beat, stores were made aware of the 'mistake' the night before Record Store Day. So, if it was actually a mistake, I'd doubt there'd be an official count by the next day. But then again, maybe it wasn't a mistake at all and this is some kind of super-secret-special edition? Although if that was the case, I think there'd be some kind of information out on this already. I think this latter scenario is more selfish wishful thinking than anything else.

Anyway, I'm going to keep poking around for information. Just figured I'd put up a flare for any other information out there.

Here's the album, again: (Beautiful)


  1. I also got the clear version (US) and I knew it was clear because there was a silver sticker on the bottom right that said "custom clear vinyl". I've read that some people had stickers that said "seafoam green" and it actually came out clear.

  2. I'm glad to see that there are other people as confused by this as I am.

    My copy is clear; however, the sticker on mine clearly reads "Seafoam Green." So there must have been a mistake somewhere down the line.

    This is pure speculation, but at this point, my best guess is this:
    They intended to press 5,000 copies on seafoam green. When they realized how high the demand was, Warner decided to press more copies. However, they didn't have (or perhaps forgot to add) enough pigment to make 10,000 green copies - thus, the end of the batch came out clear.

    Either way, this makes a really cool collectible even more special.

  3. that's so weird!! I purchased a copy on RSD and it said Seafoam Green Vinyl on the sticker as well, but it's totally clear vinyl... I ended up ordering a copy from the band's website as well - we'll see if that one's green or not...

  4. Same here, "seafoam green" sticker, but clear vinyl. What gives?