Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crate diggin' in the new world

In the first post on this blog I touched on the irony of blogging about collecting vinyl records. Today, another very 20th-21st-century moment.

Sitting at this evening I saw on Twitter and Facebook that Silver Spring, MD's CD/Game Exchange had some new vinyl in stock. In this case? Unnamed Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

Being that the store's a short walk/bike/drive away from Wax Fanatical World HQ here, I decided I had to check it out. I'd been regretting passing up on the Led Zeppelin since I was at Smash! on Saturday. On I went. Short story shorter, I got Led Zeppelin II and IV in perfect (I mean perfect) condition for $8 and $12, respectively. That's what I call a good deal.

This case just shows a strange scenario: For me, vinyl is great, and I dislike MP3s except for their ability to catalog and mobility. But that doesn't mean technology hasn't had been a huge help with the collection. I've been back in touch with a friend from high school who collects vinyl and blogs about it. I follow various vinyl/music blogs and record shops on Twitter such as the Vinyl District, Music TAP and D.C.'s Crooked Beat records. Not to mention, it can help find some great records.

Now, go get your Twitter/Facebook/social media/crate digging on.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, love the blog. Are you getting excited for Record Store Day? I know I am, I hear from my shops that there is a ton of cool, exclusive stuff planned to release.