Sunday, March 21, 2010

Off topic, on street art... or a great Banksy piece

I'll take a break from blogging about music, vinyl, new songs and the like to make a plug for this package from London's Sunday Times. It's on Banksy, a street artist some of you may know, and it's an interesting story. The magazine cover was a Banksy original, and how it was made is show in the video above.

The video itself is interesting, because Banksy, if I understand correctly, is kind of an enigmatic figure, a reality perhaps most strongly supported by his being known simply as "Banksy." There's a extra-legal (illegal, really), dissident quality to his work, but even writing that last sentence almost certainly oversimplifies it.

Aside from vinyl collecting, I've always had a thing for street art, nontraditional art, graffiti (if you want to call it that) and, more generally, really modern art. Street art, in my mind, has this ability to be both fascinating in its simplicity -- sometimes just a well-placed stencil or a quick scrawl -- and amazingly complex at the same time. Whether you're talking about a piece writ large, and illegally placed, in a heavily trafficked area or a great piece of art crafted with nothing more than cardboard and spray paint, it's great all around.

With that in mind, here's a plug for two sites I visit at least once a day for some street art greatness. Wooster Collective ( based in NYC's Soho neighborhood and Streetsy (, a kind of aggregator of street art from all over the world and the Web. Check 'em out.

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